Типология культурных инноваций

Михаил Яковлевич Сараф 1
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Cultural innovation is one of the most important mechanisms the dynamics of the cultural space. From here fundamental importance for studying this dynamics is to identify the type hierarchy of cultural innovation, since the question of their typology still has not received systematic theoretical coverage. In my article, using general philosophical methods and methods of analytical and critical philosophy, I offer some scheme of cultural innovations’ types and divide them by their place of occurrence, by their scope and by their subjects. Innovative fact of culture takes a central place in the typology of cultural innovations. This idea is possible to examine as in narrow terminological content, as in integrative meaning. Cultural transformation and modernization, cultural shift and cultural revolutions of different scales are forms of cultural innovation’s development. Also I pay attention to gnoseological aspect of cultural innovation, which is shown as the development of the theoretical knowledge about culture and development of the important complex of sciences, whose subject of examination is culture.
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fact of culture; cultural transformation; cultural modernization; cultural draft; local cultural revolution; full-social scale cultural revolution


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